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    I’m so glad that the bot is now free but I can’t run it
    [17:30:35] Wrong resolution detected!
    [17:30:35] Your resolution is: 1280 x 720
    [17:30:35] Duel Links resolution must be 1280×720
    [17:30:35] You can change the resolution by clicking ‘Screen Settings’ in the Duel Links Loginscreen, if you set the correct resolution and this error still appears, make sure your Windows Scaling is set to 100% (Make sure to restart your PC after you changed the scaling!!)
    [17:30:35] Duelit stopped!

    My Pc max resolution is 1024×768 so I had to do a custom resolution using my Nvidia Software and I changed the settings from the game as said to 1280×720
    but still the game is not corresponding with the bot , how can I fix that I really want to use the bot it’s a dream coming true to me.

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    Probably not possible if your laptop doesnt support the resolution

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