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    hi there
    i want to know if there exist some optimal configuration to do the auto win with spedd hack ,becasu i set it last night to do only lv 10 leendary duelist at the gate ,i seted with 1;10 on gg . today i wake up and i saw it only did 30 duels (i cheked if where any internert trouble and nothing went wrong on the log). i was hopping to do at least 60 per night ,cause at this point will take me like 1 month to get 1 char from 1 to 40 =/  , so maybe there its a better config than mine. (i have more than 12k  of keys so thats not the problem)

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    Something definately went wrong if you only got 30 duels overnight (let’s say the bot ran for 8 hours, that would mean that one duel took 16 minutes on average).

    Normally you get a couple of hundreds over night, you should watch the bot for a duel and see how long it takes and what goes wrong.


    [04:06:39] Starting duel..
    [04:06:40] Slowing down..
    [04:06:51] Speeding up..
    [04:06:52] Skipping coinflip..
    [11:02:18] Duelend detected!
    [11:02:18] Slowing down..
    [11:02:20] Waiting for xp screen..
    [11:02:27] Speeding up..
    [11:02:27] XP Screen detected!

    thres the problem , i wnet to sleep 4am ,i turned off only my screen
    and around 11 am i wake up i check teh bot , but the logs dont shows any activities on those hours


    You gotta make sure that your monitor doesn’t go into some sort of power saving mode when turned off.


    im cheking but im sure i didnt set to hibernate my pc


    Aslong as the window is drawn by your GPU, it get’s detected.


    i think its solved now ,i hope.
    i have the no hybernate option activated but for some reason it was seted to turn of the hdd after 20 minutes , i changed that to 600 minutes and at least now i wans having that same error at least ove 30 minutoes with screen turned of the bot was still working . i will let this as solved for now ,thanks

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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