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    I’ve always been farming Casual Duels as for PvP so far but I reckon that there are a lot of gems to make from farming Ranked. I would therefore have two questions:

    1) Is Konami going to flex the muscles a bit to preserve a better Ranked Duels experience? (ie is this a viable farming method for my account?)

    2) How many gems can you make from Ranked mode? Like what’s the rate per win?

    Thanks for any information you could provide and any insight on farming pvp. I don’t want to farm XP too much, rather just the “sustainable gems” from PvP and events.

    Have a nice day

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    Lootwise i think it’s pretty much the same as casual + the specific ranked gem rewards.

    Personally im farming ranked for months and months now, doesn’t really make a difference security-wise.

    How high you can climb the ladder depends hard on the current meta and if Duelit can handle the decks, legend is easy achievable then.

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