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    The bot seems to stop working after a while and doesnt seem to be recognizing whats on the screen. It clicks on the buttons but the game does not recognize the input so it doesnt not do anything. It doesnt recognise the gate or charaters and their dialog sometimes. After while the bot will stay on one screen and repeat the same command over and over and not do anything, I’ve attached and image with an example of what happens, in this case I was trying to pvp farm and it kept saying “starting pvp” but it never actually started it. I noticed this issue when the Duel links game itself had the most recent Zexal world update, the bot was working perfectly fine before the update. I spoke to my friend who also has the bot and they experience the same issue. I have checked and double checked the settings and went through all the tutorials before posting this issue to see if I could fix the issue but nothing seems to be working.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    Can’t post new thread?
    Please fix no gatefarm detected when out of keys, It take a ton of time to end gatefarm and switch to other methods [03:34:35]
    And also pvp farm disconnect is bugged too, especially when I win or skill drop, duel it stop recognize the end of the the and keep disconnect/lag to infinitive and had to manual stop the soft [17:55:02]
    PS: please add Kite and Shark to Zexal gatefarm. Thanks!

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