Duelit and DL both not responding when trying to restart after 5 min stuck

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    Looks pretty much like the same problem you reported before, for any reason your apps get stuck in a not responding status. Can’t really tell you why tho, doesn’t seem to be a common problem.

    I gotta look into it, but might be hard to reproduce as I’m not even sure if duelit is causing it.


    I clicked on some stuff, and it seems Windows or the computer is causing it. I have a hard time manually closing DL myself, so it seems the bot can’t close it. Spamming Alt F4 eventually lets me close it after pressing the dialog says “are you sure you want to close.” Maybe only solution here is to give duelit admin privileges with a terminate ability like an antivirus? tho it might trigger some antiviruses idk.
    Also I stopped Duelit using the hotkey and Duelit responded again, so that was fine. Just DL problem


    Duelit runs with admin privileges, the problem is that forceclosing a steam app causes problems when trying to restart it (noticed that when adding the restart function), I’ll check how to get around that

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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