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    Hi steilz 🙂 Is this a possibility in the future? The Japaneese version of the game is exactly the same as the Steam version, so I guess all the dlls and stuff would be exactly the same, asides from the localized textures and minor assets of course, which is mostly irrelevant, however. The main difference is that instead of a Steam account, it uses a Yahoo Japan account for authorization to launch the app. Since Konami has a very strict policy regarding linking Steam accounts, I have migrated to the Japanese client. Would an implementation of DuelIT ever be possible to be compatible with the Japaneese version of the game? If you are interested in experimenting, I might be able to provide you with a Yahoo Japan account. Thanks in advance 🙂

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    In what way is that version of Duel Links different to the steam version?

    If the game is strictly in japanese, then that’s a problem as Duelit is pixelbased, that’s why you encounter problems when you are not running the english version. This COULD be fixed by changing certain functions, but i doubt it’s worth it, especially since i don’t have that much time to spend in Duelit currently anyways.


    The UI is exactly the same I think. The text is in Japanese, but the buttons size and stuff are at the exact same size and position. I believe the only issue that might occur, is to communicate with the game files, although I don’t expect any differences from the Steam version. Here’s a few screenshots about how it looks like.

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