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serrafi wrote:
hay i keep getting a error

[20:10:50] Wrong resolution detected!
[20:10:50] Duel Links resolution must be 1280×720

but it is set to 1280 x 720

Hello, I also had the same problem as you. My monitor is wide and the scaling is set to 100%, however, DuelIt seemed to detect the screen as having the wrong resolution. I use Windows 10.

What I did to fix this was by right clicking on my desktop and clicked the ‘Display Setting’ option.  I then clicked the ‘Advanced Display Setting’. I then changed my resolution screen from 1024 x 768 to 1280 x 720. Mind you, when you change the resolution setting this way, it will make your screen looks like it is zoomed out

I have the some problem and in my desktop display settings hasn’t the option to change for 1280×720, but only for 1280×768. How can I change it for the right resolution if my notebook don’t have this option?