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Make sure you’re only searching in C++ .bss memory, if you tap the text at the very bottom of the search screen you can change the search locations.

Your LP is the same offset up from your deck as the enemy’s is. If you tap your deck and “GOTO” you can usually just scroll up and select the first 5 digit number there and it should be LP. Won’t reflect what your actual LP is until you find and zero the XOR address first though.

Once you find your LP, select it and tap the down arrow to the right of the value. Select “XOR … = ???” and enter what your actual LP is, probably 4000 at the start of a duel. Now copy what that new value is and do a WORD search for that number and you should find XOR.

The others are usually easy to find, building bogus decks full of traps / rituals / fusions / whatever helps for searching these. Keep in mind a lot of these are WORD datatypes, if you’re doing DWORD searches they often won’t show up. Freezing enemy cards in hand to 0 helps you play unhindered and searching using PvP practice duels lets you try over and over again without wasting keys or NPCs :)