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rulon wrote:

I added another Nox and started the in game updates. On my wired connection at work after 11 minutes it had finished 50/249 (compared to 39/249 on my home wifi network). The internet is much faster here at work.

And I’m not sure what to do with the Resource Monitor, yesterday it seemed to only be getting packets from Akamai and today it was too but then it switched to just an IP number And I’m not sure what tracerts are but am reading about them and might be able too do it.

But I think you’re right with the cpu being the weak point for me and @winfieldrocks and maybe @lukario95, @amazing355, and @Hashtagmirin too. Maybe we can compile a list of our hardware and get a better idea.

Big thanks to everybody and all the ideas!

For hardware. These pictures are what I just bought but a different case to reflect the white monitor/key board/mouse I bought.