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Goof wrote:
Interesting… I’ve been playing with this, and throttling the CPU on my machine while it’s downloading. if the system is stressed, and NOX can’t get both CPU cores to run uninterrupted the download speed absolutely tanks. It also isn’t great if I try to run with one core, kinda consistent with what’s been happening here. It seems as though the download process could be annoyingly CPU intensive, maybe Konami are using a poorly chosen encryption scheme for their data downloads.

Unfortunately there may be no cut and dry fix if this is the case. Ensuring VT-x/AMD-V is on, and running with the minimum of 2 CPU cores in NOX is a good start though. One could perhaps try the install on a stronger machine if possible, then backup the NOX disk and restore it on the machine one wants to bot with.

that CPU appears to only run at 1.3GHz, and with only two CPU cores. This might just be enough to run the game, but perhaps this is what’s causing the long downloads. Virtualisation should be under the ‘System Configuration’ tab in the bios, you could try that and see if it helps.

That could be it. My machine is kind of dated it has an Intel Q740 (only 6mb cache) and a GTX 460M. I did try Google DNS and didn’t see a difference. I’ll take my computer to work and use a wired internet connection to make sure that is not the problem (I don’t think it is because wifi at home worked great for my phone). So winning idea right now could be insufficient processor power.