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I just reinstalled Duel Links on my phone and it took just over 11 minutes to get through the in game update. Now I’ll do it in Nox and see how long it takes and do some poking around Task Manager and see if I find anything useful.

Giving Nox 11 minutes it’s only gotten 39/249 of the in-game updates done. @winfieldrocks I totally feel your pain. But once the update is done the game does play and work great with and with out Game Guard and DuelIt.

The only weird thing I see is the wi-fi network pattern. Maybe that’s how it looks normally and I just never noticed. Anyway I’ll keep looking around and share anything that might be useful.

It looks like all network traffic for Duel Links in Nox goes through Akamai Technologies so I wonder if that is the slow point (Between Akamai servers and Konami servers, Akami might actually be the server for Konami). So maybe an email to Akamai with a kind request to add a bit more through put to Konami servers might work as well.

But than again if it’s only a few of us that have the problem it is probably a hardware issues. Location might be an issue. I’m in Hawaii.