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For some reason, your search is bringing up 366 results instead of 5… At that point it’s a 1 in 73 chance you modify the right 4874 value….

You might need to refine the search a bit. Forget the block attack, just play a normal deck. Use the All_Card_IDs text file in the card injection thread to find out the ID of each card you play and search for it until you get only one set of results.

Start a duel, play a card, find its ID value and run an ordered DWORD search for ;0;0;0;0;0;0::25. Then play a DIFFERENT card, find that new card’s ID using the text file (CTRL + F searching helps here) and search for ;;0;0;0;0;0::25. Continue searching this way, replacing ‘0s’ in the search with each new card ID you play until you only have one set of results. Should only really take a few tries.

Once you have one set of results you can proceed as before, choose one of the results, change the ID to whatever you need, perform the offset shift etc as per the original tutorial…