Road To KoG - Stuck at Platin
Hi experts!

I opened this to discuss the way to King of Games [Image: tongue.png] and some strategy tipps 

Horus version (attachment)

- Summon  Horus Lvl 8 + Mirage Dragon to control spells and traps
- Horus Lvl 6 + Mystic Box is a free kill (also negate bad flip monster effects)
- Some utility cards because Horus Lvl 4 is bit weak, but with some traps it can level up in the end of the enemys turn if it kills the enemy attacker

From 0 to gold was easy. 
In the gold rank it's annoying if you loose against a deck without any strategy and just a few random cards.
In platin it's pure random if you win or not. I recognized that you draw UR cards more often so most of my looses are because of a dead starting hand (Horus Lvl 8, Mirror Wall, Kuribo). Saw some bad players here activating Enemy Controller on Horus Lvl 6 or 8.
Loosing against really high expensive decks or 1-2 turn KOs also not nice...

Some Questions:
So how is it possible to reach Legendary or KoG?
What kind of deck you need to control spells, traps, monster + effects and dead hand at the same time? [Image: wink.png] 
How long does it take to make it? resetting a 200 Pack box is hard and very expensive... (not spending real money on packs)

Im not sure if my playstile is bad or this deck is just too weak for KoG
With playstile I mean (playing normal Yugioh since a child to the Synchro Meta, this game for 160 days ingame) not attacking anything without thinking about it (traps, spells, effecs). 
Sometimes saving monsters instead of LP when the enemy has a strong monster and Metalmorph is on my side.

Currently building the Dark World Deck because I got the two URs from the Primal Burst within 20 Packs [Image: tongue.png] 

Please share your experience [Image: tongue.png]

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Join us on Discord to discuss climbing in ranked and duel links/botting in general. Smile

As for the Horus deck, it's honestly too inconsistent to achieve KoG. Yours is quite optimized already, but you are not always able to get out Horus lvl 8 on turn 1-2, and your options are pretty limited otherwise. Meta decks currently are Hazy Flame, Weevil/DD Burn, Gladiator Beasts or try to climb with Ancient Gear, just to name a few. Those should be much stronger than Horus.

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