Which features should I avoid
Hey there! 

I used DuelIt 1 year ago and never got banned, also there where 0 ban reports back then.

Now I startet all over and I'm reading something abaout some banned accounts.

I know it never save to cheat,- my question is the following: 

Wich features should I avoid using / wich ones have the highest chance of getting detected? 

For example: is it save to use something like 8000 effect dmg in a duel für a stage mission or is this one of the more risky settings ?

What's ur recommended setting? Can u link a Screenshot of ur Duel It settings pls ?
If you want to cheat as safe as possible, bot without any hacks or mods. Alltho 99% in here still use hacks fine.
Thanks! Would you please send me ur DuelIt settings please? Smile

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