Is this bot undetected by Konami?
Hey all,

I'm considering bunying the DuelIt bot.
But since Konami started their anti-cheat it still save to use the bot?
Did anyone of you already get the cheater warning message that Konami seems to show to cheaters?

Or does this bot have methods to prevent detection?
Want to buy it, but I'm still afraid if I can use it for my real account...

The bot is operating on the surface and due to the gamemechanics of Duel Links it would be really hard to get detected.

However, i also implemented hacks in it to boost Duel Results etc. all of them are deactivated by default and can be used on your own risk. (99% in here use them.)
We are using unique methods and therefor it doesn't matter if they detect other stuff publicly available (modded APKs or whatever)
There is no use of "methods to prevent detection" as konami doesn't have an automated anti-cheat system.

However, even when the chance is extremely low to get busted, it is cheating after all. It is never 100% safe, if you are worried to lose anything, don't cheat. (Alltho konami doesn't ban permanently)

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