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Is GateFarm safe or very insecure? - guibreezy - 07-29-2019

Steilz, good afternoon!

Firstly, I would like to know all the duelit options that are less safe to use, eg Gate Farm, SpeedHack, Boost Resuls, Enemy LP 0 and more ...

My second question would be if there is an option to use "GateFarm" more securely so that I can level up my characters faster?

Let me explain my scenario, currently it takes me around 3 days to level up a level 1 to 45 account, using duelit 21 hours for 3 days and no bonus 1.5 EXP (duel links event), I would like to decrease this time to raise the level of characters even faster.

When I use GateFarm + (Boost Results) + SpeedHack with the EXP 1.5 event, I can level my characters up super fast, but I'm afraid my account will be suspended forever from the game.

I hear that the GateFarm option is super dangerous and cannot be used within the game, is this information actually correct?

I've been using duelit for a long time and I've never had my account suspended, but I've never used the GateFarm option before, so I was wondering if this option is really dangerous and could lead to my account being banned.